Character Info: Wataru Hashimoto




Age: 13
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Chiba, Japan
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: January 7th
Hobbies: Sketching, Stargazing, and guitar-playing
Personal Treasures: Acoustic Guitar & lucky pendant
Favorite Food: Vegetable Ramen
Likes: Astronomy and Baseball
Dislikes: Strangers touching him, large crowds around him, demons, and angels
Best Sport: Baseball
Weapon: Crowbar


Full Name: Wataru Hashimoto Gender: Male
Occupation: Rumormonger/Courier For Hire Alignment: Chaos
Race: Human Class: Demon Tamer

Quote: "The more you trust, the less likely you'll survive."

Profile: When people seek information on rumors, people refer to a boy who is often in the streets with his guitar, Wataru Hashimoto. He is a rumormonger and courier-for-hire who gives information in exchange of either money or information.

Personality: Wataru is a young boy who is neither friendly nor trusting towards strangers; he is as prickly as a blowfish. He is the paranoid light sleeper-type; sleeping with one eye open and a glass shard on hand to stab a nearby intruder at the throat. He often appears rather surly and sometimes sullen. Survival being the biggest thing to him, he is slow to trust any strangers, fixing them with wariness. When he speaks, he is rather terse in his statements. If he doesn't trust the person, he is quick to become apprehensive or very abrasive if they come near him and starts swinging the crowbar. And he bites. Not in a good way. He may, however, find the person interesting enough to be a bit amiable and follow them around, if still wary. However, if he grows to trust the person, he'll be more open and receptive to them. He is more likely to take the person's side. With that person that he'll trust, he will not want to let them go. As one person put it, trying to befriend Wataru is like trying to befriend a very dangerous stray puppy.

Due to the life he was raised in a demon-infested world, Wataru has come into grips their belief: Only the strong can survive and the weak will only be consumed. Death is considered a fact of life and no longer worth blinking over. He seeks to amass power, even bending the will of demons to serve him through show of power.