Character Info: Keith Walker/Farseer #1F4




Age: 27
Height: 198 cm (6'6")
Weight: 110kg (242 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: African-American
Hometown: USA
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: ????
Hobbies: Watching sports
Personal Treasures: A coin with attached memories
Favorite Food: Fast food
Likes: Stray animals, Watching sports, cat and mouse games
Dislikes: His psychokinetic powers, scientists, those who give up on others
Best Sport: Boxing


Full Name: Keith Walker Gender: Male
Occupation: Amnesiac Street Boxer Race: Human

Quote: "Y'know, maybe some people don't wanna be found."

Profile: Keith Walker was just another underground thug kidnapped and used as an experiment for one of Organization's secret projects. He was designated as "Farseer #1F4". His awakening resulted in him breaking out of the lab, marking him was a experiment to be purged. Keith is never the type to remain in one place; in one moment he is there, the next moment he is gone. While generally sullen and serious demeanor, he has a warm side. Keith is an accomplished street boxer from the underground tournament days, often patient in his fights. All what he wants to do is to keep his newly developed powers at bay and try to regain the memories that he lost while avoiding possible death from an organization seeking to capture/kill him or melting down by the same powers that he never asked for.

Battle Theme: "Solitude That Asks For Nothing in Return" by Daisuke Ishiwatari

Organization Report #138510
DESIGNATOR: Farseer #1F4
POWERS: Psychokinetic Power
SUB-DOMAIN(S): Telekinesis, Empathy, Telepathy [All Limited]
DOSSIER: This subject was a simple underground fighting thug selected for creating genetically enhanced warriors that unquestioningly obeyed their creators. The unwilling subject was the 500th experiment of this project, but the first to survive; we designated him as "Farseer #1F4". Recently, he escaped the divisional laboratory dedicated to the project. Not only is the subject an accomplished street boxer, but due to the experiments, he manifested Psychokinetic Powers; he has limited use of telekinesis, empathy, and telepathy. Incapable of actively using it, he is administered PPAI, but risks headaches from active use, and worse yet, melting down if not provided the serum to negate the effects. Despite the drawbacks, we have faith that the subject will be a path to success. His actions will continued to be monitored, so capture will not be necessary as of yet. We give this subject a risk rating of C.